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Production assistantID:42017

80,000 PHP ~ 100,000 PHPOrtigas, Pasig
  • Job Category

    Arts/Creative/Graphics Design

  • Industry

    Arts / Design / Fashion

  • Job Description

    "■ Progress management of order acceptance items
    Production schedule, quality control, material and delivery management are at the center of work.
    In order to provide quality work, footwork is light, communication ability is required, and leadership that brings staff together is required. As I work with Japanese and Filipino staff, there is also a simple translation and interpretation service.

    ■ Public relations work
    We actively participate in animation and game events in the Philippines. At the venue, please explain the company and help with public relations.
    Also, if you have an idea, such as "If you have such an image, it might be interesting" or "This game, you're going to be popular," you may be welcome to make a suggestion.

    ★ In addition, correspondence such as telephone, e-mail and document making duties "

  • Requirement

    [Must experience or conditions]
    Japanese ability that can be used in Business conversation
    Reading and writing is the level that can Business communicate with skype
    N2 level or higher. (without qualification is OK.)

    【Welcome Skill ・ Experience】
    ○ Production assistant, public relations experienced person welcome
    (You may be an experienced person from another industry, such as animation, CM, WEB)
    ○ English conversation level of everyday conversation

    [Welcome image]
    ○ If you have something you like or a hobby, such as movies, art, miscellaneous goods or games
    ○ Those who like to communicate with people
    ○ One with leadership

  • English Level


  • Other Language


  • Working Hour

    9:00am ~ 6:00pm

  • Holiday

    Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (Philippine Calendar)

  • Benefit

    >A paid vacation is granted 10 days after working for one year.
    Granted up to 15 days with additional 1 day every 2 years.

    >The raise salary two times a year.
    >Transportation expenses: 100 pesos per day
    >Meal allowance: 50 pesos per day
    >Point bonus: The staff is given 30 points monthly.
    One point means 50 pesos.
    If you are late or absent without notice, points will be reduced. The remaining points will be paid as salary.

    >medical insurance
    >Free movie ticket for 500 pesos once every two months
    >We always have medicine
    >Annual outing
    >Once-a-day meal meeting

This job is closed

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