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List of Technology(Architecture/Civil Eng/Real Estate) x Makati City job vacancies in Philippines

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AutoCAD Operators & Supervisors ID:36611

Job Description Their main duties are done on the computer and some of them are:

• Produce specifications and drawings that have to be centered on written instructions, calculations and equations provided by engineers and designers.
• Should use manual drafting expertise in drawing plans, which cannot be generated through the computer.
• Has to fine tune and modify plans to suit the needs of manufacturers and architects.
• The mechanical drafter creates guidebooks as well as manuals for machineries and tools, by illustrating the mechanical systems.
• Civil AutoCAD drafters have to draw diagrams and maps for projects and structure in construction.
• Architectural AutoCAD drafters create plans for foundations of structures along with layout of rooms inside buildings.
Required Qualifications • Proficiency in advanced in AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Windows and Microstation application.
• Have the capability to decipher construction plans.
• Basic knowledge of algebra as well as geometry to calculate amounts and figures
• Have the ability to visualize finished products as well as projects.
• Have manual drawing skills along with computer drawing.
• Should be familiar with Autodesk autoCAD, PTC Pro-engineer and PTC intralink.
• Good knowledge of architectural terms
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000PHP 〜 23,000PHP
Location Makati City

Safety Officers ID:36270

Job Description • Must be a graduate of Bachelor’s Degree
• Must have minimum of 3 years experience as a Safety Officer
• With certificate in COSH & BOSH
• Inspects the site to ensure it is a hazard-free environment.
• Verifies that all tools and equipment are adequate and safe for use.
• Promotes safe practices at the job site.
• Enforces safety guidelines.
• Trains and carries out drills and exercises on how to manage emergency situations.
• Conducts investigations of all accidents and near-misses.
• Reports to concerned authorities as requested or mandated by regulations.
• Conducts job hazard analyses.
• Establishes safety standards and policies as needed.
• Performs emergency response drills.
• Watches out for the safety of all workers and works to protect them from entering hazardous situations.
• Responds to employees’ safety concerns.
• Coordinates registration and removal of hazardous waste.
• Serves as the link between state and local agencies and contractors.
• Receives reports from and responds to orders issued by Department of Labor inspectors.
• Arranges for OSHA mandated testing and/or evaluations of the workplace by external agencies/consultants.
Required Qualifications • Must be a graduate of Bachelor’s Degree
• Must have minimum of 3 years experience as a Safety Officer
• With certificate in COSH & BOSH
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000PHP 〜 20,000PHP
Location Makati City

CAD operator ID:22068

Job Description That person will design construction blueprints with CAD.
Required Qualifications Fresh graduates is better(at most 1-2 year/s working experience).
The person must have experience of CAD.
Salary Monthly Salary 11,000PHP 〜 12,000PHP
Location Makati City

Senior Storm Drainage Engineer ID:21632

Job Description - Bachelor/College Degree, Professional License
-English, Filipino
-willing to work in Ayala
-Preferably Assistant Managers/ Managers specializing in Engineering or equivalent
Required Qualifications min 10years
Salary Monthly Salary 60,000PHP 〜 90,000PHP
Location Makati City

Junior Designer ID:27632

Job Description A project position held normally by a Junior Designer. Upon close monitoring and instruction for the Assistant Project Captain the CAD Architect/Designer are expected to perform the following tasks:-

-Attend meetings with Client/Operator.
-Knows how to speak English languages fluently.
-Coordinates with the subcontractors in the absence of Assistant Project Captain.
-Minimal supervision of CAD drawing productions thru project’s different phases (i.e; SD Phase, DD Phase, CD Phase) -this covers all the related technical aspect.
-Analyze and prepare all Architectural & Engineering drawings related to the project at hand in details prior to any drawing production.
-Assisting with design development stages.
-Responsible on ensuring that all CAD works under his/her care were thoroughly check for all foreseeable errors prior to sending the documents to scheduled pin up with the Project Captain.
-Does other tasks assigned by superiors.
Required Qualifications Graduate of BS Architecture
With or without license
Proficient skills in CAD Design
With 2-3 years experience in INTERIOR FIT-OUT designs
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000PHP 〜 25,000PHP
Location Makati City

All5 (1〜5 )