HRGA StaffID:41505

10,000 ~ 14,000 Laguna Others
  • Job Category

    Manufacturing/Production Operations

  • Industry

    Manufacturing / Production

  • Job Description

    1. Hiring and Selection
     Sources applicants for various job openings.
     Coordinates manpower requests and specifications to recruitment service provider.
     Ensures pre-employment requirements are complete prior to date of deployment.
     Assists the newly hired employee on Company Orientation.
     Issues PPEs and locker to newly hired employees.

    2. Employee Relations
     Facilitates active listening and therapeutic communication at all times.
     Listens and acts immediately on the grievances of employees.
     Mediates gaps between employees and the management.

    3. Human Resources Management
    Assists immediate superior in the following activities:
     Execution of employee relations programs such as company outing and Christmas Party.
     Monitoring the implementation and compliance to company policies.
     Generating Perfect Attendance report every month end.
     Facilitating expat requirements and requests.

    4. General Affairs
     Facilitates car/hotel/restaurant reservations for guests and expats.
     Issuance of meal stubs to some awarded employees.
     Controls consumable requests for office supplies and drinking water bottles.

  • Requirement

    -strong background and actual experience in all facets of Human Resources and General Affairs, more exposures to HR facets other than 201 file management
    -previous employment for at least 2 years as HR Staff
    -previous experience in a manufacturing company
    -less experience in recruitment ( because they have service providers )

  • English Level


  • Other Language


  • Working Hour

    7:30AM ~ 4:30AM

  • Holiday

    Philippine Holidays

  • Benefit

    to be disclosed during orientation

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