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  • Salary

    60,000 PHP ~ 80,000 PHP

  • Industry


  • Job Description

    We work in the entertainment industry specializing in television broadcasting and live events. Our job is to visualize all kinds of information to show to the viewers.
    Using cutting edge CG technologies, our work contributes to the general public by providing information that is more accurate and easier to understand.

    ① Creating control panel for live broadcasting.
    We create control panel for sending the CG graphics in real-time for live broadcast programs.
    •News program for elections
    •Quiz program
    •Sports game program
    •E-sports events

    ② Visualizing Data
    We develop system to visualize various data so that it's easier to understand. These visualized data are mostly used on live broadcast program.
    •Visualizing the trajectory path of balls in games of baseball, table tennis, and basketball.
    •Election special program (visualizing the data of votes in to graphs.)
    •Virtual character (visualizing the motion capture data)
    ・AR app development (marker recognition using Vufolia and Unity)

    ③ Application development
    We develop various application upon requests from our clients. Many of them are related to entertainment.
    •Furniture layout simulator
    The application will use Unity, and the user of the app can simulate the interior design of the room before purchasing the furniture.
    •Setting simulator for live events venue
    The application will use Unity, and the user of the app can simulate the inner settings of the venue in CG.

    ④ Development of control system of graphics, specialized in online broadcasting.
    You will be assigned to develop widgets for a software to improve the quality of broadcasting (streaming of sports/e-sports and others). There will be a cloud-based platform that controls graphic over-lay, which is programmed using HTML 5.

    ・Control panel to control simple graphics such as scores of baseball or basketball games.
    ・Linking graphics on a commercial / shopping website to another webpage to purchase the items.


  • Requirement

    ・Experience in developing web applications using at least one , such as VB(Visual Basic)or C++ or C# or Java
    ・Proven experience as a programmer or relevant role
    ・Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree , Computer  Science/Information, Technology, Computer Engineering. 
    ・Teamwork sprit

    ・Experienced with Server side Management(AWS,Azure,GoogleFirebase)
    ->AWS Server(Build a system with DynamoDB or IAM)
    ・Experienced build a system with csv、json、xml、db(One of them would be fine)
    ・Having experience with UnrealEngine4 or 5
    ・UI or UX design with HTML、CSS、javascript

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Additional Information

  • Benefit

    ●13th Pay

  • Working Hour

    8:00 ~ 18:00

  • Holiday

    Saturday Sundays and holidays

  • Job Function