BI Developer using TableauID:46134

40,000 PHP ~ 90,000 PHPMandaluyong 16 days ago


  • Salary

    40,000 PHP ~ 90,000 PHP

  • Industry

    Financial Service

  • Job Description

    We are seeking a skilled Data Analyst to join our team. As a Data Analyst, you will play a crucial role in extracting insights and generating reports from various data sources, including Tableau Desktop and on-premise data contents for Credit Card business domain. You will be responsible for executing SQL queries, creating reports/views, and publishing them to Tableau Server for sharing among stakeholders.
    Through Tableau Desktop:
    • Execute SQL queries against selected datasets in clean and curated zones of S3 buckets, utilizing the data stored in the Data Lake lower zone.
    • Create insightful reports/views using the queried objects, transforming raw data into meaningful visualizations.
    • Publish reports/views to Tableau Server, ensuring they are easily accessible and shareable to relevant stakeholders.
    Through On-Premise Database Server:
    • Add new data content to restricted folders under the on-premise Shared Folder, including AWS Zone Inventory List, Core System Data Mart Conversion Configuration, Data Parameter, and CRM Mapping Table.
    • Determine further processing requirements for ingested data and apply appropriate actions for unexpected data.
    • Define data maintenance protocols across all zones.
    • Establish parameter mappings for ingested Core System Data Mart values.
    • Add new data content to selected folders under the On-Premise Shared Folder, including Monthly Limit Up, Standby Line, MMS Result, SMS Result, TU Attributes, Selected Customer List, and Mobile Prefix Map.
    • Provide relevant data values for data applications such as Salesforce and Tableau.
    SAS Expertise
    • Utilize SAS/STAT software to perform advanced statistical analysis on large datasets.
    • Clean, organize, and manipulate data to ensure accuracy and completeness.
    • Develop and implement statistical models to analyze trends, patterns, and correlations in data.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify business requirements and translate them into analytical solutions.
    • Present findings and insights in a clear and concise manner to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
    • Stay updated on the latest developments and best practices in statistical analysis techniques and tools.


  • Requirement

    • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, mathematics or a related field.
    • Minimum of 3 years relevant work experience.
    • Proven experience in SQL queries and working with Tableau Desktop for data analysis and visualization.
    • Strong proficiency in SAS/STAT software, including hands-on experience in data manipulation, statistical modeling, and analysis.
    • Solid understanding of statistical concepts and techniques, such as regression analysis, hypothesis testing, and experimental design.
    · Experience in cleaning and preparing large datasets for analysis.
    • Strong understanding of data modeling, relational databases, and data warehousing concepts.
    • Proficiency in working with on-premise database servers and managing data content.
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with a keen eye for detail.
    • Ability to interpret data and generate actionable insights.
    • Strong communication and presentation skills to convey complex data findings effectively.
    • Collaborative mindset with the ability to work well in cross-functional teams.
    • Experience with Salesforce and knowledge of its data structures (preferred).
    • Familiarity with data governance and data quality best practices.
    • Willing to travel and be deployed to client/affiliate off-shore (Hong-Kong office).

  • English Level


  • Other Language


Additional Information

  • Benefit

    -Medicine Allowance
    -Group Life Insurances
    -13th months payment
    -SL:15 days
    -VL:15 days
    ※Each employee will earn 1.25 days of VL and 1.25 days of SL after a month of service. However, a total of fifteen (15) days VL and fifteen (15) days SL will be made available to employees at the start of the year.
    -Maternity Leave : 105 Calendar Days / 120 Calendar Days-Single Parent
    -Bereavement Leave:3 days
    -Daily Subsistence Allowance
    -Transportation Allowance
    -Japanese Language Allowance (For employees with N4-N1 JLPT Certification)
    -Miscellaneous Benefits
    ※P 2,500.00 worth of flower arrangement or mass card and P 5,000.00 Financial Aid (given to employees who have lost an immediate family member)

    -Birthday Leave:1 day
    -Calamity Leave:2 days
    -Loyalty Incentive
    ※Cash incentive amounting to 1/12 of the total basic salary on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 15th, 17th , 20th year of tenure.

  • Working Hour

    8:00 / 9:00 ~ 17:00 / 18:00

  • Holiday

    Saturday, Sunday, Philippine National Holidays

  • Job Function