Sales and Marketing Assistant ID:45431

15,000 PHP ~ 19,000 PHPMakatiOver 3 months ago


  • Salary

    15,000 PHP ~ 19,000 PHP

  • Industry

    Healthcare / Medical

  • Job Description

    Ⅰ. Job Description:
    The main objective of this position is to support Sales Manager/Executives to let t
    hem focus on selling and support the Marketing supervisor to get important and accu
    rate marketing data.
    ● Assisting Sales and Marketing Department or the assigned supervisor on all tasks re
    lated to Sales and Marketing.
    ○ Update the customers, hospitals and doctors information and marketing infor
    mation on the CRM(Customer relationship management) system on a daily basis
    to make it always up to date.
    ○ Reviewing and responding to B2B customer inquiries.
    ● Assisting B2B manager
    ○ Communicating with hospitals, doctors, and agent companies about contract,
    scheduling, payment etc.
    ○ Making the itinerary, booking the flight ticket or coordinating the transpo
    rtation when the B2B manager goes on a business trip.
    ● Cooperation with other internal departments
    ○ Coordinate with the Customer Success team and Sales team about customers’
    ○ Coordinate with the Production Department about customer’s feasibility.
    ● Reporting
    ○ Report necessary information to supervisors on a daily basis.
    ○ Preparing weekly and monthly reports to the management.
    ○ Attending and cooperating to weekly and monthly meetings.
    ● Understanding and promoting company programs.
    ● Other assigned tasks in connection to Sales and Marketing by the manager/employer


  • Requirement

    . Qualifications:
    ● Must
    ○ At Least 2 years of Sales or Marketing assistant, Clerical work Experience
    or working as a secretary
    ○ Professional communicating skills with B2B clients(company, hospital, docto
    r, distributor, manufacturer etc), not individual consumer
    ○ Graduate of a 4 year Bachelor degree related in Sales and Marketing or Busi
    ness Administration
    ○ Proficiency in Google spreadsheet, documents, slides or Microsoft Office s
    uch as word, excel and powerpoint
    ○ Good English communication skills both in speaking and writing
    ○ Customer-centered
    ○ Multitasker
    ○ Self-motivated, self-disciplined and can do the job with minimal supervision

    ○ Meet a timeline
    ● Preference
    ○ Experience of using any CRM system
    ○ Experience of working with foreigners

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  • Working Hour

    830 ~ 530

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