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List of Rizal area job vacancies in Philippines

Conditions in searching
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Legal Specialist ID:39905

Job Description -Support scheduling, obtain equipment and edit presentations and notes.
-Draft, edit and update legal documents, validating for accuracy.
-Develop, implement and validate document management, version processes and discovery processes.
-Liaise with outside counsel, consultants and other departments.
-Handle cases for clients on a regular basis and gather all the information needed from both sides to research the complaints.
-Obtain affidavits and recommend courses of action, as well as negotiate settlements and interview witnesses, and they also maintain communication with outside counsel.
Required Qualifications -MUST BE LAW GRADUATE.
-Fresh Graduate is welcome to apply.
-No need bar passer applicants.
-At least 2 years of working experience in corporate compliance and contract administration is a plus.
-Must be knowledgeable in labor-related laws and government concerns.
-Has a good verbal and written communication skills.

Salary Monthly Salary 25,000PHP 〜 40,000PHP
Location Rizal area

IT Team Leader ID:39893

Job Description 1. Responsible for planning and implementation of a wide range of information system and information technology management, activities and services to generate reliable and timely information needed for decision-making at all levels.
2. Responsible for the systems improvement, information technology, as well as programs and measures to effectively manage and control information assets and to achieve a stable and reliable technology environment.
3. Manages the department's sub teams to achieve the optimum use of the company's information system resources such as the hardware and software.
4. Manages training and professional development of the department's human resource to enhance their skills and effectively deliver the services as required.
5. Manages the day to day activities of the team and provides good leadership in accordance with the Panasonic Management Philosophy to maintain high productivity.
6. Implement various IT internal controls needed to ensure company's compliance to Sarbanes Oxley Act, Information Security Management and Integrated Management System.
7. Performs other related accountabilities as may be assigned.
Required Qualifications *Must be a bachelor degree holder with proven leadership and management experience.
*Not lower than 1 year of experience of exposure or equivalent basic training in Management Information System.
Salary Monthly Salary 40,000PHP 〜 70,000PHP
Location Rizal area

Quality Assurance Manager ID:39892

Job Description 1. Ensures the compliance of the company's established integrated management systems (IMS) and its effective implementation policies and procedures (CORPORATE QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM/ISM)
2. Ensures product and safety requirements are fully complied with from the design stage up to the manufacturing stage of the product to guarantee customer safety and satisfaction. (PRODUCT AND MARKET ASSURANCE)
3. Plans and implements appropriate measures to ensure that all parts used in manufacturing products comply with standards on quality, safety reliability and environment.
4. Plans and implements corporate measurement and instrumentation systems, programs and activities to support established quality standards for products and services.
5. Ensures that products and services (MEASUREMENT CONTROL)
Required Qualifications * Must have a solid background in manufacturing operations, 5 of which is relevant xposure in Quality-related job.
* Knowledgeable in Quality Assurance methods, principles, and practices.
* Must be able to manage a team of professional and technical members.
Salary Monthly Salary 40,000PHP 〜 70,000PHP
Location Rizal area

Finance Director/Accounting Head ID:39891

Job Description 1. Responsible for providing Top Management with the comprehensive financial management information for business strategies and decision making.
2. Responsible for interpretation and implementation of tax ruling and other government regulations as it impact to the company.
3. Responsible for overseeing, reviewing and managing internal controls, budget and expenditures to improve company's financial operations.
4. Responsible for providing training and training skills development for members to improve and widen capabilities.
Required Qualifications *Must have a solid background in GENERALLY ACCEPTED ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES (GAAP), Intl, Accounting standards (IAS) and financial accounting systems and controls (Accounting regulations).
*Must have at least 5 years of solid accounting experience in a senior accounting position.
*Strong interpersonal skills and can relate confidently to all levels of the organization.
*Sound leadership and management skills and proven record of successful staff management.
Salary Monthly Salary 100,000PHP 〜 130,000PHP
Location Rizal area

Sales Planning Manager ID:39869

Job Description 1. Operates a reliable information system to come up with business scenarios to aid in PPH management decisions.
a. Conducts studies and data analysis in order to provide accurate and up-to-date market information to all Sales business units to support sales programs and activities.
2. Provides a link between sales offices, marketing, production, and other departments to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of support services at all times.
3. Ensures that all business units of sales offices, marketing, production, and other departments to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of support service at all times.
4. Coordinates with Area Managers to determine each areas sales progress and roughly estimate the total Consumer Group Sales month end result from time to time. Plan and strategize alongside with Sales Group Manager/s to recover variance of an area/s to another with appropriate activity if needed.
5. Schedules and informs all concerned parties about PSI and Sanction meetings.
6. Consolidates the consumer products P&L quarterly in preparation for Sanction meeting (discussion, revision, and approval of 1-year or quarter activities.
7. Monthly consolidates the Consumer products PSI for management review and approval prior to submission to regional HQ.
8. Collates and consolidates for further discussion with Sales Director, Head and Managers/Team Leaders.
Required Qualifications -Graduate of 4 years Business Course and/or with Sales and Marketing qualifications.
-Minimum of five years broad sales/marketing experience in appliance sales organization in a managerial capacity.
-Has a strong leadership skills and proven track record of successful management.
Salary Monthly Salary 50,000PHP 〜 70,000PHP
Location Rizal area

Consumer Sales Department Head ID:39865

Job Description Accountability
1) Translates management directions into sales strategies and comprehensive plans to maximize resources allocated to meet sales targets (per account, per product, volume, market share, profitability and inventory).
2) Sales achievement: Develop, implement and evaluate sales plan to support the achievement of the Divisions sales strategies and objectives.
a. Regularly reviews the relative performance in the market of each product categories and initiates promotional sales campaigns for all sales teams. Analyzes consolidated reports such as sales stats, competitive updates, trade checks, inventory trends to assess the region’s competitiveness and initiates policies and procedures to improve organizational performance.
b. Maintains a sales information network with internal departments in the company as well as external links to accelerate sales speed.
c. Sets standards to monitors sales personnel and dealer performance.
3) Sets the proper direction and pace to ensure that plans and programs are well coordinated with all concerned and parties to ensure timely execution.
4) Collection Efficiency: Ensures the enforcement of all credit and collection policies and procedures to maintain profitability targets in accordance with the business plan.
a. Reviews collection performance of all staff, pinpoints problem areas and initiates countermeasures thru direct subordinates.
b. Assists and/or resolves Credit and Collection issues of the Sales team.
5) Inventory Management: Plans the total inventory requirements of the department and regulates the inventory level to sustain the stock requirements of the sales team within the required inventory levels targets.
a. Prepares an accurate PSI forecast based on a thorough analysis of market and sales data.
b. Evaluates current and projected status of inventory and initiates action plans for fast sell out of stocks.
6) Dealer Management: Maintains a strong and reliable dealer support system to ensure long-term win-win relationship with dealers and business partners.
a. Synchronizes all sales and marketing programs and works closely with concerned departments to facilitate the proper execution of projects to achieve corporate goals.
b. Represents the company in business functions to promote and endorse our business, and expand business relationship with dealers, business partners and the general business community.
7) Recommends policy adjustments and directs procedural or tactical innovations to improve operational performance response to changing market condition.
Required Qualifications *Must have five (5) years of sold experience in an appliance or consumer good sales company in a managerial capacity with a proven track record of excellent management and leadership capability in meeting business targets.
*Excellent oral and communication skills; assertive and very good transactional/negotiating skills.
*Proficient in strategic planning and management.
*Can make competent business judgement and decisions.
*Creative, enthusiastic, success-driven.
*Must have the ability to lead and manage change.
*Handles 23 employees under his/her supervision before.
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000PHP 〜 75,000PHP
Location Rizal area

All6 (1〜6 )